Business Solutions

ClickBox business solutions offer tailored services to grow with
your business model. Our out-of-the-box solutions provide

Seamless Logistics

Automatically improve your business offering with an entire logistics service in a box - pickup, sorting, storage, delivery, and multiple smart locker PUDOs in one.

Modern Tech Solutions

Improve businss efficiency and autonomy with our integrated management system for e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses. Easy onboarding guaranteed.

No Limits

We scale with your business demands. Enjoy no minimum shipping requirements or volume limits.

Live Support

Instant customer service and tech support for both your business and your customers at every step of the process.


Let us handle your online-store logistics with delivery to a ClickBox or manage your own in-store ClickBox. The choice is yours.

Better Accessibility

Increase your marketability and expand your customer-base in an instant.

Your ClickBox business portal lets you
schedule and track package delivery
from anywhere you do business.

We Make Any Space a Smart Space

Ask us about upgrading your retail space with a ClickBox smart locker. Turning your space into a collection point increases your foot traffic and visibility immediately, and expands your ability to do business after hours.

Custom Solutions

Beyond e-commerce and retail, ClickBox offers customized solutions for a number of different businesses and private services. From banks to government agencies, our custom services cover everything from secured smart locker rentals to same-day courier services.

Private Residences

Update your residential services with a ClickBox suite in your private community. Offer your residents delivery and 24/7 package collection without having to leave the comfort of their communities.

Better business starts with
modern business solutions.

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