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How soon will my order be available at a ClickBox locker?
How long will my package be held in a ClickBox locker?
How long will it take for my package to be delivered to a ClickBox locker?
I was unable to pick up my package in time, what do I do?
How much does delivery to a ClickBox cost?
Something is missing from my package - who do I contact?
My order is wrong - who do I contact?
Can I change to a different ClickBox location?
Can someone else collect my package from ClickBox?
Where can I find the code to collect my package?
My QR code is not scanning at the locker. What do I do?
How big are the individual ClickBox locker boxes?
How late are ClickBox locations open?
How do I find my nearest ClickBox locker?
Why isn’t there a ClickBox in my area?
How do I get in touch with a customer service representative?
My package was damaged - who do I notify?
Who do I notify about a locker malfunction?
I accidentally deleted the text message with my QR code, how do I get another?
How do I get my business connected with ClickBox?
Can I advertise my business on ClickBox lockers?
What is ClickBox?
How can I become a ClickBox delivery driver?

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